Having an antique item in your space is a great way to personalize it. It’s also a great investment, as its value increases over time (like a wine that also decorates your space). It’s also quite simple to buy vintage furniture these days as there are some great internet platforms that promote just that.

However, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before getting that perfect piece for your space. This short guide will help you identify the best items available in your area.


How to get a real antique?

When you go to a vintage store asking for the price of that beautiful chest you want to place in your bedroom, and the seller replies “$2800” claiming it’s an antique, know that the term “antique” refers to an object that is more than 100 years old.

It’s important to distinguish between two types of furniture items. The first one is a real antique that is 100+ years old, and the other kind is regular furniture that its design is inspired by antique design and doesn’t contain any antique materials. So how can we identify antique item? Well, apparently, humans are not the only ones who shrink when aging.

This natural tragedy also applies for wood. Therefore, a piece of real antique furniture will have irregular measurements. This doesn’t mean you can’t find regular furniture that also has irregular measurements, therefore this trait is one out of few indications, so don’t rely solely on that.


How much should you pay for it?

Assuming that it’s a real antique, setting its value will be based upon its age, state, era etc. If a furniture is from a very rare time, it’s probably going to cost you. So the best way to evaluate its price point would be after finding it and reading its specifications. The next step would be to google all this information and compare it to information online while referring to its era, age, size and state.

Another important factor is the item’s functionality. If the item isn’t fully functioning, then this should be reflected in the final price. Some sellers will try to hide these defects, that’s why it’s highly recommended to move the furniture on the floor.


Shopping online

Because buying antique items online will prevent you from doing a physical examination of the item, it is highly important to check and validate the platform that sells the item. In a platform like eBay for example, where there is not full verification for antique sellers, it’s highly important to read the seller’s rating and reviews.

(In other platforms, that are designated for antique trading in particular, there is some degree of verification for the enlisted items (such as in Ruby Lane).

In general, try to buy antiques offline when your not sure about the seller’s identity and integrity.

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