Kips Bay Show House is a design show occurring every year in May. The show gathers all the A-list designers in the U.S. after choosing them through very selective tweezers to display their design abilities. It was inspiring and beautiful (and if that’s not enough, all the revenue from the show was donated to the “Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club”).

The seating area at the entrance near the staircase, designed by the Powell & Bonnell design firm, drew everyone’s attention. In the corner on the wall, you could find a note of the chosen wall paint from Farrow & Ball- the famous British company that is known for its classic style and theme. The painting is by a great artist named Thrush Holmes 

Almost every room in this show was unforgettable in one way or another. The New York designer, Richard Mishaan, designed a maximalist living room that contained many Mediterranean elements mixed with modern elements. “All good things go together”, he said. The rug, believe it or not, is from 1889, and the painting by Walton Ford describes the story of a panther that escaped Zurich’s zoo in 1933.


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The living room, designed by Robert Stilin, was filled with a collection of colorful photos and pictures that made us want to pack our bags and move in (to the show house). A combination of modern art and mid-century furniture. Two large Andy Warhol photos (above the fireplace and to its right) provide a pleasant colorfulness and a sense of space. We honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

The bedroom, designed by Dineen Architecture, was completely different from the other rooms, mostly because of its soft and bright palette. A variety a wooden textures and calm cream textiles.

Have you ever wondered how a connoisseur architect’s bedroom would look like? Neither did we. But in the bedroom designed by Susan Ferrier, we got the answer to that (very specific) question.

Her color palette was based upon 18th century lithography. A collection of photos with paintings of archaeological findings that used to decorate Susan’s office, was now displayed on the bedroom wall in the most striking way.

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Ken Fulk’s dining room completely stole the show. It takes at least 10 minutes to absorb this hysterical space that was a combination of a fantasy story occurring in a magical forest and classic European style. So surreal and charming.

The inspiration for this room, he explained, was based on a true story of a weird, lonely lady living on the Upper East Side during the 60’s that had a secret zoo in her backyard. It all started when she woke up one day to find a zebra in her yard, and every day, more and more animals that had escaped Central park zoo somehow reached her backyard. This story was revived by the prestigious British wall paper company, De Gournay. 


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