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Meet Sebastian. An extremely creative guy living in a gorgeous and cozy apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, enjoying colorful breakfasts and laid-back lifestyle, while being the creative director and buyer of an amazing decor shop. #Cozinessalert!

sebastian from sweden

Tell us about yourself!

I am 23 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a blog and an Instagram account where I share pictures of my home and my life.

I also have an interior shop! Love breakfast as you can see on my Instagram. I live by myself in my first apartment, which I am currently renovating to my dream apartment.


What makes the ultimate breakfast? Can you provide a recipe for one awesome dish you love to make?

The perfect breakfast for me contains a lot of fruit and color! A must is a croissant and coffee and two kinds of juice, one orange and one red grape juice.

fruit breakfast laid back lifestyle

Then I need yogurt, I want an unsweetened crispy granola with several different toppings. Maybe kiwi, strawberries and blueberry or passion fruit…

And the perfect breakfast is eaten in bed or at my dining table with some morning programs in the background or Spotifys Jazz music list. Maybe a candle if it’s dark outside…

There you have my perfect breakfast and morning time, haha.

european breakfast laid back lifestyle


Any tips for those who don’t have time to make their breakfast on a daily basis?

If I don’t have time to eat my breakfast at home I usually plastic wrap my sandwiches with toppings and take it with me to work.

The juice I pour into a bottle and also take with me and I have coffee at work, so I almost eat the same breakfast as I would at home.

If you are not able to eat breakfast at work, I would recommend making the weekend breakfast the highlight of the week!

european breakfast laid back lifestyle


In your point of viewת what are the main traits of laid back people?

Hard question, I like being alone, eating my breakfasts slowly and take an evening swim in nature during the hot season, walk in the woods and slow things like that.

Being a laid back person means that you are in the now, and enjoy everything for the moment at that time. And that’s what I think I do most of the time – so the answer should be yes! haha.


Being a laid back person means that you are in the now, and enjoy everything for the moment at that time.

cozy bathroom view


How did you make your house so cozy? Any secret ingredient?

A lot of flowers and plants, textiles, books, many details in red and rusty colors, such as vases, paintings, pillows, carpets.

Mix different materials. I love linen! Also a mix of very old furniture with new ones, it makes the home personal and you get the sense that a person actually lives here.

cozy bedroom

Mix different materials. I love linen! Also a mix of very old furniture with new ones, it makes the home personal and you get the sense that a person actually lives here.

cozy living room by sebastiancozy dining room by sebastian


Are you a city or a country person? What’s it like in where you live?

I love to live in the city, and love all that the city has to offer! But I also love the countryside, my parents have a house in the countryside, and I love being there and have the possibility of walking barefoot in the grass – but only for a shorter time. I often say I have the best of both worlds. I live in the city but can visit the countryside when I need it.

cozy working space


What made you open Tambur store and how do you choose items for the store?

We are two people at Tambur. Anders started Tambur in October 2015 and around Christmas 2015, Anders found my Instagram and wanted to meet and after that, we started working together to build the Tambur shop to what it is today.

But we are far from done with Tambur. We have a lot of ideas and lots of things we want to do in the future! Anders is more an entrepreneur, so he manages finance and web orders and things like that while I pick purchases, take all the pictures, styling the store and run the Instagram account.

I choose what I would like to have myself in my home. The whole store is a bit like my home, a lot of color details as I mentioned earlier, old things mixed with new ones. If I see something I want to buy myself, I buy it for the store as well.

cozy living room

cozy laidback apartment


From where do you buy most of the textiles in your house?

Many ask where my striped duvet cover is from, and I have bought it at HM Home. I like to mix different colors on textiles.

My bedding is all linen, except the brown blanket which is from a new Swedish brand named Midnatt and all blankets are in 100% organic cotton.

My yellow pillowcase is from the fantastic Deijistudios. Most of my pillows and sheets are possible to buy in my store 🙂

cozy bathcozy and laid back apartment cozy bedroomcozy living room


Here are our top finds from Sebastian’s decor shop- Tambur:

(for International shipping order via email)

flower vase from tambur shop


velvet cuson from tambur shopVelour Cushion 45cm Coral | $72


vintage chair from tambur shopChair TON No.18 Book Nature / Braided Sitting | $200 


amile cup from tambur shopCoffee mug splatter | $17 


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