He’s definitely worth an entire article. He’s a little kitsch (oh well), and really loves gold (to be fair, we don’t trust people who don’t), he’s somewhat claimed his ownership on anything that has to do with Greek style (It was really lying there neglected and abandoned without any interest) and has created a kingdom of pure magic.

Image: Jonathan Adler

Starting as a devoted potter from New Jersey who gained success over time, he launched his pottery collection in the early 90’s for Barneys New York, and after five years, started to manufacture furniture under his own brand. Today, he runs more than 30 branches of Jonathan Adler stores across the U.S, and when not doing that, he works with several LGBT organizations, which officially places him on our favorites list. So we thought, why not throw in a visit to his store in Soho, Manhattan, and choose our favorite items so we could drool over them together (: ?

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1 . Vase

The first item that caught our eyes and hearts was this Greek vase that looks like it was taken from Walt Disney’s ‘Hercules’ props department. It has so much magic in it with this non-apologetic kitschiness, that it couldn’t have been anything but love at first sight. We can’t think of a space where this vase wouldn’t do its magic.  Mega- like.


Image: JonathanAdler.com


2. A rug

The second magic is this rug. Combining this rug with any space will turn the space unique and spicy. Even if surrounded with a generic look, items, and a uniform texture, the space will still be unique and trendy. And a bonus: It’s also super soft!


שטיח ג׳ונתן אדלר rug jhonathan adler
Image: Jonathan Adler.com

3. A picture

This painting was made by a very talented artist named Jenna Snyder- Phillips. The original size of this painting is large (70 cm * 100 cm), and so observing it in miniature really damages its magic. Even in a store filled with various sorts of items, it’s still very hard to miss and enjoy its presence in the space. Can you already image it with the rug on top and a colorful sofa? Catholic wedding.


תמונה סוס jenna snider
Image: Jonathanadler.com

4. Another vase

We already said that the guy is a professional potter, right?

So, he makes these amazing dishes in many styles and we had a difficult time choosing between both, so we decided to not decide (The more the merrier!).

This vase goes hand in hand with the rug and the picture above, and we love to do project-oriented shopping (: !


vase ואזה
Image: Jonathanadler.com
vase ואזה
Image: Jonathanadler.com

5. Golden banana

What???? Yes yes, you heard it right- we said golden banana. The ultimate vignette upgrader! This banana on a pile of books placed on a side table or a shelf and you can call it a day.


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בננה מוזהבת golden banana
Image: Jonathanadler.com

6. Velvet sofa

Here’s an update to anyone who spent the last year in Mars and studied fossils- velvet is trendy again and it’s good to us. So, the velvet sofa with golden ball-shaped legs and tufting, combined with all the items above, and we got you your dream living room. You’re welcome.

ספת קטיפה velvet sofa
Image: Jonathanadler.com


ספת קטיפה velvet sofa
Image: Jonathanadler


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