The fact that we usually spend a limited amount of time in the bathroom, can make us underestimate the importance of this space. But the truth is that a fun bathroom can bring a fresh, good start to our day in the morning, and increase our need for spontaneous showers (and do not disparage that need!).

So, here’s 7 easy-simple-non-expensive steps that will help you create the ultimate makeover for your bathroom.


1. Plants

Plants, oh plants! Or should we call it “the green lung of the house”. We’re always in favor of plants, and it doesn’t matter where.

Even in a super small bathroom there’s the top of the toilet tank, with a place for a cute tiny plant that you can place next to the air refresher (which we hope you have).

A small plant in a cute vase can perform wonders on the windowsill or shelf. When you go to the nursery, ask for a plant that can live indoors.


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2. Pictures

What does a bathroom have to do with pictures, you probably ask? The answer is a lot. Discovering special things in unpredictable places brings added value to the revealed object.

However, bathrooms are expected to become very humid at least once a day, therefore, you should hang pictures that are humid-proof, meaning, a picture with glass cover, plastic posters, etc.


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3. Shower curtain

Shower curtains have such a wide price range that there isn’t any visual, valuable, and functional connection between the curtains on one side of the spectrum to the ones on the other side.

However, a shower curtain is one of the most important things in the shower, and the smaller the shower the more important is the curtain. The problem is that a captivating shower curtain, naturally, will cost more than standard shower curtains that can be purchased for only $10.

So what is the best advice in this matter? Do not compromise on the curtains’ materials. Other things (such as color or pattern) is a matter of personal taste. But if we can give you one piece of advice in this matter- buy a shower curtain from cotton. These curtains usually come in two layers.

Do not be confused- almost any naked eye can identify the quality of a shower curtain, and that is irreplaceable.


4. Bath mat

With bath mats, we advise you todo the exact opposite. Buy any bath mat you like- but have a bath mat. If you go for the cheap version of it, you could allow yourselves to buy a new mat every few months to keep it fresh looking.

If you go for a luxurious version- be honest and ask yourselves if you can maintain its appearance for the long run. Either way, the most important thing with bath mat is that it won’t look like a mop, because then you might as well have matless floor.


5. Bathroom accessories

This doesn’t necessarily mean matchy-matchy items. They can be eclectic and fun. As long as they bring a nice vibe to the bathroom, we’re onboard.

For example, bottle green for the toothbrush glass and baby pink for the soap dish. If you consider yourselves as modest, you can just purchase an entire set.

Before you commit the purchase, think about the colors you already have in your bathroom and try to create harmony between the current colors and the new set.


6. Nice towels

Nice towels. That’s it. No reason to expand on this topic.


7. Newspapers / books stand

This is relevant for bathrooms with toilets and that have extra space. What’s really nice about this item is that this is where your creativity can really kick in with no limits. You can take any material- straw, pottery, metal, fabric, etc. Think outside the box and you’ll be amazed from the things you can create.

Have an amazing bathroom makeover that you want to show-off? Send us the pics and will post them on our IG and Facebook page.

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