If you have this uncontrollable urge to always organize things in order, to take every piece of adornment and turn it into a monument, this story is for you, and a vignette is what you need.


What in heaven’s name is a Vignette?

Vignette is the crème de la crème, the final touch, the small difference between good and great, and it is also the professional term for staging items in a way that brings an additional aesthetic feel to the space.

robert stilling vignette

What is so marvelous about a vignette is that everyone can do it: it’s easy to comprehend, simple to execute and doesn’t require you to purchase anything new.

So we broke it down into 7 important tips of which the entire vignette theory is aligned.



1. Be creative and don’t buy anything new

As mentioned above, you don’t need to buy anything new. We all have a book, a small statuette or small monuments, bowls etc.


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All you need to do is compose them into one. Do you have an old bottle or a book with an interesting cover? A piece of wood from the trip you took to Mexico with a funny story behind it? Why waste these items by hiding them in a closet?

Take out any and all items that you think that will fit and put them all together in front of you.



2. Location Location Location

Find a suitable spot in your house where the vignette will be noticeable and functional.  Those of you with children or pets, you should definitely take this into consideration.

It can be placed on your living room table, on a high shelf, on a chest of drawers in the foyer, in the bathroom, or on a wide windowsill.

The vignette doesn’t have geographical limitations and it isn’t a spoiled brat who refuses to reside in the periphery.

 kitchen vignette

Image: Kitchen Details



3. Mix textures

The essence of a vignette is mixing the shapes and textures of items. For texture, we’re referring to the glass cover of a photo, a statue made of pottery, paper (from books), a porcelain vase, and flowers.

The combination of different materials is what creates the punch in a vignette. After all, a pile of books is nice, but it’s the combination of it with other items on or near it that makes all the difference.

Image: swoonworthy.co



4. Heights versatility

The difference is also reflected in the height of the items. The purpose is to create a harmony of heights by using one particularly high item that will function as the pole.

The human eye loves the complete and closed presence of things. It can be a higher plant, a picture, or a table lamp.

sidetable vigneete
Image: erinspain.com



5. Background

In the case a vignette attached to a wall, it’s desirable to pay attention to the background colors- whether there’s a wallpaper or a certain texture that should be taken into consideration.


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In case there isn’t, you might want to add one. You don’t have to paint the entire wall just for the sake of the vignette, but rather, you can use a picture and lean it on the wall, checking off section 4 as well.



6. Blending Colors

The added value of a vignette, as opposed to a statute or picture, is the combination of all of the items them together.

It’s not a single item, but it’s not a set either. It’s an eclectic collection of things that are almost completely different from one another but somehow manage to create this harmonious presence in the space.

In many ways, creating a successful vignette is not different from creating a successful space. If you managed to make it work in small details, you will make it work in the wider range of execution such as in a room or an entire house.

 living room vignette
Image: erinspain.com



7. Your story

And here’s the most important tip.

It’s very true that it’s easy to use a rule of thumb that will help you in your design concept, but we always say that there aren’t any rules- it’s your house and your rules. You’ll do what suits you, but when putting it on display, it needs to include something that is yours, that is you.

Take items that represent you, that have a story behind them, that will make you smile when your eyes pass over them before you leave for work in the morning.

If this vignette will make you feel happy in your own home- we can definitely call it a day (:

vignette styled
Image: swoon-worthy.co


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