Yes. It’s exactly what it looks like. A chapel that turned into a house.

This chapel is believed to date back to 1832, was redesigned into a luxurious Airbnb listing (though the price is very friendly!).

Located in the rural village of Warborough, UK, this converted chapel allows the guests to experience a peaceful and quiet stay, where they can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the area, and a very (very!) high ceiling.


1. The Exteriors

Airbnb chapel from Warborough exterior door

Airbnb chapel at Warborough balcony

Airbnb at Warborough chapel

Warborough is known for its quiet and peaceful vibes. In fact, it is so peaceful and surreal that Midsomer Murders T.V show had used it as a set location in several episodes. Warborough also lies in close proximity with the city of Oxford and allows the visitors to take one-day trips to Oxford and come back at the evening.

2. Ground floor

Airbnb at Warborough interior living room

Airbnb at Warborough interior ground floor

Airbnb chapel at Warborough interiors

airbnb chapel at Warborough

airbnb chapel at Warborough kitchen

3. Second floorairbnb chapel at Warborough second floor

airbnb chapel at Warborough bedroom

airbnb chapel at Warborough bedroom

Check out the entire listing here.

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