A studio apartment is usually small and holds many challenges for its residents, especially when it comes to hosting guests and realizing the need to separate different areas in the apartment and divide it properly.


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Most studio apartment residents claim that their main worry (and rightfully so) is that the general feeling will be even more cramped once they isolate certain parts of the entire space. So here are some alternative solutions that our Instagram followers suggested.


1. A Bookcase

A bookshelf as a divider is an excellent idea for several reasons: first, it really does create a significant partition. Second, you can store things in it, allowing it to also act as an efficient element in such a small space.

Third, if done properly, it has the potential to contribute to the overall design of the apartment.

The bookshelf itself can be made from wood, metal, or even plastic. Take notice that the bookshelf’s color and the material is important, but even more so, is what you fill it with (if you haven’t yet heard of the term ‘vignette’ yet- now’s the time).

Even if you have a lot of books, try to clear some room for aspects besides for books- plants, decoration pieces, and more. Here is a really good example.


bookcase as a divider
Esteban Cortez @ apartment therapy



2. A Partial Wall

The advantage of a partial wall is that it creates a partition without reducing the space like a full wall does.

The fact that the ceiling is continuous, and in creative situations such as the following- the continuation of the floor is what maintains the sense of a large space.

Moreover, the thinner the wall, the less space it will take up. The obvious disadvantage is its inability to isolate noise.

gallery wall decor
Credit: Whorange


partial wall as a divider
Credit: Alvhem


3.  A curtain

A transparent, wall-to-wall curtain allows for a certain level of separation without reducing the size of the space. Of course, the curtain’s texture and opacity level are very important.

The lighter and more transparent the curtain, the less it can really act as a buffer, however, the room itself remains spacious.

curtain as a divider
Credit: decoratingyoursmallspace.com



4. A Buffer Table

To separate the kitchen from the rest of the space, you can add a rectangular table- the narrower the better- that will signal where the kitchen starts and ends.

Like the rest of the studio furniture, it is recommended to use a table that will also have storage, be it a dedicated shelf or drawers.

kitchen counter as a divider studio apartment
Credit: Nancy Mitchell @ apartment therapy


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