Louise is a blogger that documents her family life from their house in Denmark, which she redecorates on a seasonal basis.

We were ecstatic to find out about this amazing gallery wall she decorated last February. She didn’t decide on the wall painting at the time, but as you can see- it didn’t stand in her way to bring her gallery wall fantasy to life!

gallery wall mortilmernee.dk
Image: mortilmernee.dk

And this is today’s highlight everyone- you can hang pictures on literally any wall,  even if it’s in a raw and unpainted state. It might even add a nice punch to it (as Louise demonstrated very talentedly).

gallery wall design

As some of you may remember, we’ve already talked about how to create a beautiful gallery wall all by yourself.  However this time, we’ll tell you about a few online stores we really like so you’ll know from where to get the goods.


1. Society6 

A website that concentrates works of art from thousands of artisans from all around the world, using all kinds of methods, where prints are one of them. The prices are friendly, and the selection is wide and addictive. Beware!

society 6

2. Art.com

What can we expect from a website with this domain name (like when did they buy it? In the dawn of the internet?)

The answer is to be one of the founding fathers of the online art market. And you’re not going to be disappointed.

Art.com is literally the holy grail of wall art in the digital world.

It has anything your mind can think of. The price range varies widely but there are items for every pocket.

art.com app


3. Karma Kollective

An amazing and refined Israeli-based startup that incorporates unique artwork of artists, painters, and photographers from around the world.

This gallery connects the modern collector with contemporary art items and also provides customized framing services. The prices are quite high but totally worth it!

Karma kollective


4. The flee market

It doesn’t matter where you are located, the decorating-fairy made sure that there will be a flee market in a 10-mile radius from your current location (it’s totally true, except Antarctica, and maybe Wyoming).

There’s nothing like finding a beautiful and unique piece of art in a flee market! and we’re not even talking about the experience of wandering around, which is exceptionally enjoyable to any design lover (AKA all of you).

We definitely recommend at least one flee market item on any gallery wall.



And on the other side of the spectrum- there’s IKEA. We totally recommend IKEA when it comes to gallery walls.

Some of you may think WTF?? but we have an appropriate explanation + a proof to why you should consider IKEA in your creative shopping search.

Images and frames can be very expensive, especially when you are planning to decorate an entire wall with them.

The wise approach for gallery walls is to mix unique items with commercially, mass-produced items that create harmony when placed next to each other.

A gallery wall is observed as a whole, and therefore, the right approach is to combine any photos that work well together, regardless of their origin.

Moreover, the frames from IKEA are very cost friendly and can really help when you are on a budget.

For example, the frames set at the bottom (8 pieces) costs $40 in the US£29 in the UK, and 145 NIS in Israel.

ikea 8 unit set picture frames


Do you have a cool gallery wall that you want to share with the world? Send us a picture! 


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