Oran Aviv
Founder & Creative Director

With a vast experience and deep understanding of interior design and content editing, Oran founded Design Truffle to bring together high-quality design content made by real people. Her love for people & aesthetics is what stands behind this project, and she'd love to see some photos of your latest home project and bring it on board.

Roy Shell

With more than 10 years of experience in coding, and a lifetime of being a design enthusiast, Roy is the perfect CTO this project could ask for! Roy is currently working on our designers' platform to give you access to the best designers we know of.

Shuki Hasson
Editor & Contributor

Based in Manhattan's West Village, Shuki is a designer dedicated to promoting renewable energy and sustainability solutions in architecture and interior design. Ping him if you want to grab a coffee in the neighborhood and talk about collabs.

Shaked Schwartz
Social Media Manager

Shaked is a social savvy who loves to spend her time on Instagram and in restaurants that consider Sushi as a way of life. If you have any image you'd like to share with us, you shoot her an email and she'll be happy to help.