We all know how annoying background noises are, especially when these noises penetrate our own homes. But what can you do? You can’t control people outside your house and your neighbors or even those that live with you (though, here you might have a bit more leverage…).

It’s a physical rule that you need a mass to block sound waves, therefore, any heavy element or alternatively, any absorbent material, can do the job (this also explains why you can find egg cartons on wall of music studios).

Also, it’s important to distinguish between a noise that is transmitted through the air and passes through the walls, to a noise of dragging and banging (usually conducted by the neighbors from upstairs between 2pm-4pm on Saturday). In this article we’re going to discuss the former kind of noise, while the latter can only be cast down by thickening your walls or ceiling.


1. Library wall

A library wall is not only extremely beautiful, but it also blocks noises from the room where it’s located. For example, if you wish to block noise that is coming from the living room, a library wall is not a bad solution at all. The books function as great noise blockers and as decorative elements simultaneously.

acoustic wall library
Image: The studio M design


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2. A big rug

Remember what we said about absorbent materials? So, a rug is the closest thing that functions as an absorbent material for your floor(unless you’re planning to spread egg cartons on your floor which is fine). It goes without saying that the thicker the rug, the better it is in stopping sound waves from passing through to neighboring spaces.

In this context, you might want to consider placing wool rug pads under the rug or even hanging a rug on a wall.

acoustic carpeting
Image: Unknown


3. Acoustic fabrics

By acoustic fabrics, we’re referring to relatively thick fabrics or a few layers of fabrics, or fabrics that contain a special technology for an acoustic environment. It turns out that there are many acoustic fabrics that also function as partitions, and therefore save us the hassle of building walls (we know that, right now, there’s someone who is reading this sentence and a light is turning on in his brain- you’re welcome).

acoustic fabrics
Image: Francisconogueira.com


4. Gallery wall

We can never get enough of a gallery wall! It’s the ultimate space upgrader! By an acoustic gallery wall, we mean a wall that is filled with photographs from floor to ceiling.

The pro: one of the most beautiful spectacles the human eye can capture. The con: can be a very expensive project. The reason is that the element that’s actually blocking the noise is the frame and the thickness of the glass, and the thicker the frame/ glass, the higher the price. And when it comes to gallery walls, the total expense can add up to thousands of dollars.

Either way, this kind of project requires a little more effort and decorative thinking. Our recommendation is to do it gradually until it’s fully populated.


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Image: lawrence braun


5. Acoustic wall

To anyone that is building or decorating his/her house- this is for you. The extra money you pay for acoustic walls can create a significant improvement in the quality of life of the house’s residents, especially when you live in an urban area. When deciding whether or not to invest more money on acoustic windows, you should consider the sensitivity of the inhabitants and the exterior environment of the house.


Image: ksiazka kawa kot


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