Tiles in the bathroom are almost obvious, it’s the combination of a few tile styles that prove someone’s ability to mix & match.

If you also have a burning desire to create this kind of monument in your house, you’ve reached the right place.

We have brought you the best tile combinations on Pinterest and all around, with some basic ground-rules that will definitely help you apply it to your own bathroom.


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hunter interiors bubble bath
Image: huntedinteruors.com


First rule: When you’re on a budget- mix between simple and cheap & luxurious and expensive

The above picture was taken at Halcyon House in Cabarita Beach, Australia. It’s a boutique hotel with the most amazing interior design in all seven continents, the solar system, and the milky way (meaning to say- you should follow them on IG ASAP).

Now for our matter (almost forgot it’s an article about tiles!), this bathroom fully demonstrates rule number one.

The walls are all covered with subway tiles – which are relatively cheap and are very neutral.

They can be matched with almost any other tile. So, adding an expensive tile in smaller sections of the bathroom creates a total look that is above standard but allows you to stick to your budget.

70%-30% ratio is a great distribution of a cheap and expensive tile combination that can create a great effect.


Second rule: Combine tiles with a similar color but different shape

OMG!! How perfect is this?? Gold +blue +white = Sure Bet.

This bathroom actually contains three kinds of tiles, but, because the two of them are in the same color (white), the combination of both is intuitive and easy.

When the tiles are the same color and the only differentiation is the tile’s pattern, it’s easier to decide on tile combinations.

So, if you’re not sure or hesitant- start with this kind of combination.


Third rule: If it’s color that you desire- go for monochromatic hues.

Note that the bathroom below is the most viral bathroom on IG and Pinterest in 2018, and it is rather self-explanatory as to why it is so viral (It’s gorgeous!).

It was designed by the very talented Justina Blakeneyand if you click on the link on the image credit, you could see the before & after process that will make you believe that there are miracles in this world.

The motif was green, and Justina added glass and wood elements, to create a natural and fresh feel to it #queenofeverything


And another amazing bathroom by Justina-


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Forth rule: Mixing black and white tiles allows you to combine almost any other color

Even though the following bathroom has only two types of tiles, you can’t ignore the presence of the door that is doing 50% of the job.

The outcome is very interesting- combining black and white enhance any other color that we add to the mix.

Unless you’re reading this article while in a meeting at work (which BTW  is 100% legit), you’re obligated to give a standing ovation to the bathroom below, which is the perfect combination of aesthetics and simplicity, but with a smidgen of uniqueness.

It’s not an easy task to create a white bathroom that is not banal, but, somehow, they made it happened (hint: golden vintage appliances).

And here’s our favorite. It’s eclectic and hysterical, and it’s here to teach us something interesting about black and white flooring.

It seems like the combination of the flooring and the wall color is not intuitive, but it surprises us with how aesthetically pleasing and emotionally arousing it turns out to be. You can count on that almost any tile in any color will match the floor accordingly.


This is the end of our tour, hope you enjoyed it, go take a bubble bath and finish Martha Stewart’s book .



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