Since the dawn of smartphones, which is more than a decade now (Jesus, are we old or what?), the human race has invented more than 2.1 million apps!

Which is, without a doubt, an astonishing number! And it makes a lot of sense though, because apps vastly improve our quality of life and our ability to access information at any place and time.

This digital growth has impacted the interior design industry big time, from the E-design industry which has emerged as a rapidly growing industry in the past decade to some magical apps that allow you to DIY that Insta-worthy space.

That’s why we did some research, in order to find the best free home decor apps.

We tested them all and created a list of the top 4 finalists.


1. Adobe Color Capture

Color lovers, rejoice! Ever looked at a building or a painting and wanted to get the exact same color for your wall or window trims? With Adobe color capture you can actually do just that!

This app allows you to take a picture of the object with the color you want to identify, or alternatively, upload a picture from your smartphone library, and build the perfect palette around it. But that is just a smidgen of the features available in this app. You can also analyze patterns, vectors, and even fonts.

adobe color capture app

2. WikiHow 

Do you want to become a DIY master? The WikiHow app gives you over 150,000 how-to guides right in the palm of your hand.

With WikiHow, you can literally ask any question that is related to home improvement (or any other topic for that matter), and you will get hands-on tutorials that will take you through the entire process, step-by-step.

It has more than 150,000 articles with imagery and illustrations of which you can bookmark and save for later.

wikihow home decor app

3. Vivid- paint colors

So this is for all of those who can’t make up their mind with color choices.

With Vivid, you can find color swatches for the following paint brands: Behr,
Benjamin Moore, Glidden, Sherwin-Williams, and Valspar.

Let’s say you’re not sure about a specific hue of a color you want to use. With Vivid, you can compare the different paints of the aforementioned brands side-by-side.

It is very simple and straightforward so there aren’t any technical difficulties to be afraid of.

vivid home decor app


4. Photo Measures 

If you’re doing a renovation nowadays, or simply want to shop for a piece of furniture for an existing room, then you are going to love this.

With Photo Measure, you can record the measurements of a space or a piece of furniture directly on their image.

This app, which was created with many organizational considerations in mind, allows you to sort pictures by room and by objects.

photo measure home decor app

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