Effective storage can turn any messy room into a bigger looking, neat space. So, here are 3 small tips on how to do it right.

bedside floating drawer
Image: Mercado Libre


1. Fill the space under your bed effectively

Not only with bags. Store items effectively by using boxes that will fit exactly under the bed and will allow a maximum storage area. Sort the items by the ones you use occasionally (which will be placed at the front of the boxes and closer to the edges of the bed), and the ones that you rarely use and keep stored most of the time (more than anything else).


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When it comes to shoes- especially those of you who own a significant amount of shoes (we hear you). There’s a great selection of storage boxes at IKEA, especially plastic ones with a removable lid. They might not look as good as the wooden ones, but they last longer without breaking.

ikea storage containers


2. Use every bit of free space in your closet

There are a few closets that are built in a way that makes it possible to use every inch of space. Closet organizing must be effective in a way that allows us to access and see as much clothing as possible.

When it’s organized, those “I have nothing to wear” moaning mornings happen less, and suddenly we find ourselves wearing that shirt we bought two years ago that we thought we had lost forever to the other side (of the closet).

The closet is meant for us so it’s worth putting some effort into planning how we’ll organize it.


closet draft
Image: Decorando Casas

So what is our suggestion? First of all- you can change the shelf configuration by adding another shelf or by splitting the inner section of the closet into a bee hive structure.


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Another thing that comes to mind when dealing with wall-to-wall closets is the option to use storage boxes to store equipment in the upper part of the closet. If the gap between the closet and the ceiling is significant, it makes sense to install additional shelves or to store the same kind boxes (one above the other).

bed room closet affective storage
Image: Adrienne Breaux @ apartment therapy


3. Put as many functional items as you can

What does that mean? If you have a coffee table- make sure that it’ll be a coffee table that also functions as a storage box, or, alternatively, you can place items under it.

coffee table west elm
Image: West Elm


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