Planning (or rather, improvising at the last minute) a vacation that happens to coincide with the evening of the Passover Seder and unfortunately preventing you from showing your beautiful face and talking about her chiropractor with Aunt Miriam? We hear you.

Australia beach
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But the point is this- no excuse to bail is legitimate unless you are outside the borders of Israel (and no, Sinai doesn’t count smarty pants).

So, what should you do? Read this article to make the most informed decision on which destination will give you the most enjoyment.

And who should, if not Airbnb, tell us about the hottest destinations for 2018 based on their bookings in the first half of 2018? No one.

So, here are the 10 most populated cities for a 2018 vacation (drumroll please):


Tokyo, Japan

Apparently, Shoshanna’s visit to Japan in the TV show “Girls” put many of us in the mood, especially because of the apartment that she stayed in, which, by the way, is now available to rent on Airbnb.

Tokyo is a beautiful city, strange and expensive, but definitely worth a visit at least once in your lifetime. If you are spontaneous and want to spend a good two weeks there, here is a great deal.

Tokyo japan airbnb
Image: Airbnb
osaka japan
Image: Keach.cai

Paris, France

A long weekend in Paris is definitely something that we will take advantage of whenever possible.

Good food, beautiful sights, and relaxing. It is recommended to just drop your suitcase off at the hotel and to wander around on foot without a map or a tourist destination in mind.

There is a beautiful lookout site of the whole city that is recommended to visit, with many cafes around which justify a visit every two hours (pro tip: don’t eat big meals throughout the day, but rather, many small meals). A deal worth checking out.

paris myparisianlife
Image: Myparisianlife
Image: Tamara.lsn

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is the 3rd largest city in Japan and the capital of Osaka Prefecture. It is especially important in the business world because it is hosts a very important financial center in Japan.

One of the main tourist attractions in the city is the castle, located smack in the middle of the modern part of the city.

Besides this, the city is full of Asian scents and tastes that make you feel a continuous anthropologic experience.

osaka tourist life
Image: yyulhope


Manhattan, New York

Let’s just say that if you intend to avoid eating chametz during the holiday, New York City is not the place for you.

The city really is full of culinary goodness, accessible and cheap, and especially very photogenic.

While the deals and trip prices have dropped significantly to the point that it only took us 5 minutes to find two great deals, in reality, you’ll find yourself spending loads of money throughout the day on food, attractions, shopping, and air (but worth every penny).

juniors cheesecake
Image: juniorscheesecake

London, England

So, besides for all that this wonderful city has to offer with anything related to tourist sites, it is recommended to venture outside of it for a day trip to the area of Oxford and surrounding towns.

The architecture inside London and outside of it are so different from each other, yet equally beautiful. And here is a deal you can only dream of.

big ben london
Image: sunilphotos
london doors
Image: jesuiscolette
otting hill london
Image: dr_difilippo

Rome, Italy

Also in this case, we would recommend the gluten lovers who are trying to keep up the matza tradition to scroll down to the next destination.

Lots of dough and cheese mixed together will be thrown at you from every direction and all you need to do is catch and pop them in your mouth (just like that).

The Roman architecture is particularly ancient and serves as a foundation for many architectural styles developed in the 20th century.

In short, prepare yourselves for lots of carbs and culture. And here is a deal for you.

rome italy tourist life
Image: jana93_g
rome italy tourist life
Image: stavros_papageorgiou83

Orlando, Florida, USA

Okay, so all in all, the main point of Orlando is the many diverse tourist attractions- Universal Studios, Disney World, airboat rides in the safari, hot air balloons, and the Kennedy Space Center– basically, summer camp. Not that this is a bad thing, but you need to know who to go with.

disneyworld orlando
Image: kaddy_xoxo
disneyworld orlando tourist life
Image: juank_reyes

Miami, Florida, USA

What is there to do in Miami? Tan on the beach. Now isn’t even the best season, so we won’t put it into words, but here are two pictures to think about.

miami usa vintage
Image: jnthln
miami usa
Image: jurij.xcii

Sydney, Australia

Besides the fact that we are talking about a flight that lasts almost a day and thus not recommended to fly there for less than two weeks, this is a particularly desirable and enjoyable destination.

Some recommended attractions: a visit to the city’s famous Farmer’s Market, hiking in the national park, and a visit to the famous Bondi Iceberg pool, which you can also see in the picture below.

sydney austrailia
Image: cwaddell88
sydney austrailia
Image: david_treton
sydney austrailia travel
Image: peterhughesphotography

Lisbon, Portugal

Let’s talk about Lisbon. It turns out that it is an insanely beautiful city that loves to stay under the radar. Just so you know, anyone who has been there recently has only compliments and good things to say.

The ideal route would be to land in the city, spend a day or two there before leaving the city for a few days to towns within a few hours drive.

On the other hand, a short weekend just in the city would also do the job.

lisbon portugal lisbon portugal
Image: businesstravelerswife
lisbon portugal lisbon portugal
Image: yesmyfriend


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See you at the terminal!


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