We all know the great television show ‘Friends’, and by ‘know’ I mean- can quote entire scenes with our eyes closed mid-sleeping. What you might not know, is that the set of friends holds some interior design secrets and tricks that made the set look so good and welcoming.

As a matter of fact, this might be one of the most colorful sets in TV show history, a thing that requires comprehensive research from our behalf. So here are 10 design secrets from the set of friends:


1.  Monica’s bathroom

Close your eyes and try to imagine Monica’s bathroom color. The answer is: purple! Yes, yes, completely purple.

And those of you who pay attention to details must’ve noticed that the purple inside the bathroom is a warm purple, whereas the wall color outside the bathroom is a cold purple with a blue hue.

This effect is especially beautiful when you see these two colors at the same time.

Mincas bathroom friends

monica and ross monicas bathroom


2. Rachel’s bedroom

An almost similar effect happens in Rachel’s bedroom, where the door color is a warm purplish-pink, which is darker than the wall color of the room, creating a great and pleasant color harmony.

rachels bedroom pink


3. The sofa in the coffee shop

The orange sofa that was pulled out of Warner Bros’ studio basement is upholstered with velvet and has tufting.

The way to distinguish between true tufting and mock tufting is by looking for the extra fabric folded tightly between the buttons. With mock tufting, there won’t be any extra fabric, like in this case over here.

friends couch central perk coffee


4. Eternal advertising for Pottery Barn

One of the episodes called “The one with the Apothecary Table”. It is about a coffee table that Rachel bought for her and Phoebe’s apartment at Pottery Barn while lying to her that she got the table from a flee market, because she knows Phoebe doesn’t want to buy furniture that was mass produced.

When Phoebe finds out that Ross also bought the exact same table, Rachel successfully convinces her that it’s two similar, but unique, tables from long ago.

Eventually, Phoebe and Rachel are walking down the street when they see a Pottery Barn store, where all the items in their apartment (including the sofa) are showcased in the display window.

According to Pottery Barn’s representative, every time this episode is aired, there’s an increase in coffee table sales.

ross apartmnt friends set


5. The yellow frame on Monica’s apartment door

The yellow frame that hangs on the main door of Monica and Rachel’s apartment was actually a mirror that broke, so they hung its frame around the peephole.

monicas apartment friends

And here’s a DIY tutorial on how to create your own yellow frame (however we must say that this is a very hardcore DIY).


6. Monica’s kitchen

Greg Grande, the designer who decorated all the sets of the show, said that he wanted to give Monica’s apartment the eclectic vibe of a flee market.

This is why the chairs in the kitchen were replaced every once in a while.

chairs monicas apartment friends

monicas chairs in her apartment

monicas kitchen chairs


7. The refrigerator really worked and was filled with food for the cast and the production team

And sometimes a place to laugh in.


8. The picture above Monica’s television was hiding a big hole in the wall that would be used to shoot video through for some scenes.

living photo of moncia


9. Behind the doors of Monica and Rachel’s bedrooms was the coffee shop set and not their actual bedrooms. The latter were re-built for every episode where they were relevant.


10. The flower poster above Monica’s bedroom was from the 1980 summer Olympics.

monica's bedroom picture


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