Fixtures and appliances are a tricky thing. They’re quite small and can be found at the bottom of your budgt’s priority list (for those of us who actually created that list and don’t buy ski suits in $950 for a 3 day trip in France). Anyway, the thing is, that if you won’t put some thought to those fixtures, it can really backfire.

How? Well, the first thing is the technical malfunction of taking a shower in a dripping, narrow shower head which is no fun. Second, is the aesthetic punch and power those fixtures actually have. Not taking advantage of that can really guilt you down the road. It’s like the buttons on your sweater- they essentially set its character and general vibe, and so are you fixtures.

When I saw Whtiney’s bathroom, I completely fell in love with that black faucet. Black items just compliment everything (and I thought it was just me and my very black wardrobe). Black is hot, elegant, warm and fierce. It’s brave but solid, and very flattering. So I thought- why not gather a list of great black faucets to help you upgrade your bathroom game?

STIGES | $135 from Amazon
Greenspring | $59 from Amazon
Home Depot | $175
Kohler | $1,019
SCCOT | $55 from Amazon
BWE | $69 from Amazon

Home Depot | $78
Danze | $258 from Overstock
BWE | $47 from Amazon

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